The price of abaca fiber is generally dictated by the prevailing world market price, which in turn is dependent on the current supply and demand situation for the commodity. A ten-year figure from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics shows that the monthly price for abaca fiber ranges from P 17.42 to P18.44 per kilo with an average of P 18.14 per kilo. In terms of price, lean months are March and September while peak months are April, July, October, November and December.

The average ten-year price ranges from P 15.16 to P 20.16 per kilo with an average of P 18.30 per kilo. The highest price was attained last 1999 while the lowest was during 2001. From 2001 up to 2003, due to an increasing demand for abaca fiber particularly in the export sector, prices for abaca fiber increased at an average of 12.34% annually.

Table 16. Farmgate Price of Abaca Fiber (Peso/Kilo), Philippines, 1994-2003*

Figure 13. Comparative Monthly Farmgate Price of Abaca Fiber.

Figure 14. Comparative Farmgate Prices of Abaca Fiber, 1994-2003*