Production Profile

World Production

World Production of banana in 1999 reached 58.4 million metric tons down by 0.2% from a total production of 58.6 million metric tons in 1998. India was the top producer with a total volume of 11 million metric tons in 1999 or a share of 19% of the world's total production. The Latin American countries which include Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and Venezuela with a cumulative production of 16.7 million metric tons had a share of 30% of the world's total. Asian countries like the Philippines, China, Indonesia and Thailand has a total production of 21.9 million metric tons contributing 37% to the world's total production. The Philippines ranks fifth among the world's major producers of banana.

The average yield of Philippine banana production in 1999 was 11.0 metric ton per hectare, which is 26% lower than the world's average yield of 15.0% metric ton per hectare. The Latin American countries exhibited the highest average yield with Costa Rica topping the rank with 42.0 metric ton. India had the highest average yield among the major banana producers in Asia with 25.0 metric ton per hectare.