Philippine Banana Supply and Utilization

The Philippines exported a total of 1.6 million metric tons banana in all forms in 2002, which it grew out 106 % higher than exports in 1978 of only around 0.8 million metric tons. Import of banana rarely occurs, only in 1996 and 1998 that Philippines imported banana at around 6.35 and 37.48 metric tons respectively. Gross supply is around 5.3 million metric tons in 2002, which is 4% higher than gross supply in 2001, which is 5.0 million metric tons. Banana utilized as feeds and wastes in 2002 has a total of 214,769 metric tons, which is 3.5% higher than utilization for feeds and wastes in 2001. Processed banana totals to 894,870 metric tons in 2002, 3.5% higher than processed banana in 2001, which is 864,663 metric tons. Net food disposed in 2002 is almost 2.5 million metric tons. The country's per capita consumption for banana is about 31/kg/person/yr and 85.11 grams per day (Table 9).

Price Trend

  • Local prices fluctuate considering the perishability and availability of the fruit
  • Lakatan fruits command better selling prices than Latundan and Bungulan
  • Farm gate price for Saba is P43/100; Lakatan is about P1.47/piece
Market Assistance
  • Inadequate financing program for banana at the farm and market levels

Technical Support

  • Experts on various disciplines are drawn from both the government and private sectors


In 1993, local demand for the fruit used up 62% of the total production. The remaining 38% was exported fresh.
The 62% that was consumed locally was ether fresh or processed. A volume of the locally processed bananas, however, was exported in 1993. Due to lack of data, the exact volume of those that were exported cannot be segregated from those that were consumed locally.
Based on the per capita consumption in 1993, demand for banana is expected to reach 4,069 thousand metric tons (mt) in 2000. supply shortfall is seen to widen by an average of 6% annually from 1989 to 2000 (Table 10).

World Trade


Total banana exports in 1998 were 13.5 million metric tons valued at US$4.9 billion. The Latin American countries of Ecuador, Costa Rica and Columbia were the world's top three exporters of banana with a combined total export volume of 7.2 million metric tons valued at US$2 billion or a share of 43% of the world's banana export volume.

The Philippines, is the only Asian country included in the world's top exporters of banana, ranking 5th with 1.1 million metric tons of export valued at US$217 million or a share of 7%. The European Union, although not producing banana but engaged in the re-export of banana among its country members, was included in the world's major exporters of banana contributing 1.6 million metric tons valued at US$1.4 billion or a share of 10% 0f the world's total exports.


The world's total imports of banana in 1998 were 13.1 million metric tons valued at US$6.5 billion. The top importing countries were the 15 member countries of the European Union, USA, the Asian countries of Japan and China, the Russian Federation and Canada.

The EU was the top importer of banana with combined volume of 4.5 million metric tons or a share or 34%. The US followed with 3.9 million metric tons contributing 30% of the total imports. Japan had a share of 7%.

Philippines Banana Performance in the International market

Philippine Banana Exports are mostly sold in the Asia (Japan, Korea, and Hongkong), EU and US markets. The Philippines ranked 1st in the fresh banana imports of Japan during the period 1993-1997 contributing 74% of the total Japan importation. In terms of banana dried, it rank 4th with a share of 1%. Ecuador dominates Japan market for banana dried with 90% share. On the other hand, the Philippines is the top exporter of banana fresh/dried in Korea and Hongkong with 87% and 67% share respectively. In the US and European market, the Philippines lagged behind other major exporters of banana in the world. In the US market, Philippines ranked 32nd in the top banana fresh/dried supplier with less than 1% share. Top suppliers of banana to US are the Latin American countries like Costa Rica with 25% share, Ecuador with 23% share and Columbia with 15% share. Likewise in United Kingdom, Philippines share of banana fresh/dried exports is less than 1% ranking 31st. The top exporters of banana to UK are France and St. Lucia both with 14% share. In Germany, Philippines share of banana fresh/dried exports is also less than one ranking 23rd in the list. The top exporters of banana to Germany are Belgium and Ecuador both with 19% share of the total Germany banana imports.