Chemical Analysis of common and commercial animal feeds and feedstuff

This service can be availed by entrepreneurs, feed millers, feed ingredient suppliers, farmers, livestock and poultry raisers, researchers, retailers, and students.

Is it free and how long will the analysis/test take?


 Analysis Cost
As of Oct 1, 2006
(per sample)

Number of Working Days
(Analysis only)
Complete proximate

  P 992.00

Crude Protein


Moisture Content (IR)


Crude Fiber 


Crude Fat




 Calcium (Titrimetry)


 For limestone & related
AAS Instrumentation


  Salt as NaCl




 Urease Activity





NOTE: Analysis is FREE of charge for samples brought in by deputized Provincial Animal Feeds and Veterinary Drugs and Products Control Officer (PAFVDAPCO) of the Livestock Inspector/Collectors of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit No. 5. Otherwise, all requested analysis for samples brought in by other clients indicated in the box are charged with corresponding fees.

1. About the Sample:

If sample is solid --- must not be less than 100g --- must be finely ground
If sample is liquid --- must not be less than 100ml --- must have density data
If sample is heterogeneous --- must not be less than 100g --- must be made blended
(example: laing)

NOTE: Samples will be kept only a month from the date it was received.
2. Corresponding FULL PAYMENT for requested analysis.

How can I avail of the service?

 Follow These Steps

 It Will Take You

 Please Approach
Submission of sample to Receiving Officer
1. Bring your labeled sample to the Receiving
Officer at the Regional Animal Feed Laboratory.
2. Wait for Order of Payment Form to be accom-
plished by the Receiving Officer in duplicate

5 minutes
Sara Corazon R. Layson
 Payment of Requested Analysis
3. Bring the Order of Payment forms to Collecting Officer as proof of requested analysis with
corresponding amount.
4. Check amount before paying. Ask for Official
Receipt upon payment.
5. Bring back the ORIGINAL Order of Payment Form to the Receiving Officer. Form must have the initials of collecting officer. Keep the receipt for claiming Laboratory Result on due date.

 3 minutes
 Gracita Lomibao
 Claiming Laboratory Result/s
1. Sign in on visitors’ logbook.
2. Show Official Receipt to RAFL V staff assigned to release result/s.
3. Get Laboratory Result. Sign in the designated
logbook for Released Results and on RAFL File Copy.

 5 minutes
 Sara Corazon R. Layson
Mary Elizabeth S. Banda

 On Technical Inquiries
1. Approach the Officer of the Day (OD) for inquiries. Log in on Visitors’ logbook. The officer of the day will inform concerned personnel re: inquiry of visiting clientele.

2. Discuss with concerned technical personnel the topic of inquiry. Referrals may be given when

 3 minutes or more depending on the topic

 Jania M. Elatico
Sara Corazon R. Layson
Mary Elizabeth S. Banda


Jania M. Elatico
Mary Elizabeth S. Banda