To empower farmers, fisherfolk as agribusiness entrepreneurs attaining competitive income; producing affordable, accessible, safe and nutritious food for all, while promoting social justice and environmental sustainability.



Competitive, sustainable and technology-based agriculture and fishery sector, driven by productive and progressive farmers and fisherfolk, supported by efficient value chains and well integrated in the domestic and international markets, contributing to inclusive growth and poverty reduction.


Corollary to this mission and vision are the following objectives:

  • To help ensure food security and support the national effort toward self-sufficiency in rice and corn;
  • To help attain a favorable balance of trade by enhancing the competitiveness of the agricultural and fishery sector in both domestic and foreign markets;
  • To support the development of farmer and fisherfolk organizations; and
  • To promote the development of labor-intensive and employment-generating agro-industrial enterprises.

In the pursuit of its mission and objectives, the Department adopts the following principles:

  • Private sector enterprise shall be encouraged to promote the efficient allocation and effective utilization of resources, consistent with the objectives of equity and social justice.
  • The maximum participation of the people in the development process shall be encouraged since development proceeds only through the favorable interaction of all sectors.
  • Development shall be promoted compatible with the preservation of the ecosystem in areas where agriculture and fisheries activities are carried out, exerting care and judicious use of natural resources in order to attain long-term sustainability.
  • Sound agricultural growth shall be pursued as the foundation for industrial development.