21 April 2014
SPECIAL ORDER No. 40 S. 2014

Reconstitution of the DA RFO 5 Regional Disposal Committee

Chairperson:  EDGAR R. MADRID, DPM
                  RTD for Research and Regulations

Members:     ROSARIO C. SALES
                  OIC Administrative and Finance Division

                  ANTONIO C. BAYLON
                  Property Custodian

Technical Staff: RENATO E. ALMONTE PH.D.
                     Chief, Regulatory Division (Livestock)

                    CORAZON A. ORBON
                    Agricultural Center Chief II (Crops)

                   BELLA B. FRIAS
                   Agriculturist I (Equipment and Machineries)

Secretariat:    HERNAN T. ELANO
                   Accountant I

                   PORFIRIO B. PENA
                   Administrative Assistant II

Representatives: COA Regional Office & DBM Regional Office


The committee shall facilitate the disposal of waste materials, unserviceable / condemned equipment, farm machineries/implements, vehicle parts/engines in adherence to the provisions of RA No. 8174, Implemented by EO 888 as amended by EO285.


OIC, Regional Executive Director