02 September 2013

SPECIAL ORDER No. 77 S. 2013

Reconstitution of the DA RFO 5 Selection and Placement Board (SPB) under the Rationalization Program

Chairperson:   DR. ELENA B. DELOS SANTOS
                   RTD for Operations and Extensions

Co-Chair:       DR. EDGAR R. MADRID
                   RTD for Research and Regulations

Members:      EDUARDO L. LOMERIO
                   OIC Chief, Field Operations Division

                   DIVISION CHIEF
                  (Where the vacancy exists)

                   EMILIA B. BORDADO / LUZ R. MARCELINO (Alternate)
                   Chief, RAFID               OIC Chief, Research Division
                   2nd Level Representative

                   NELIA A. BUSTARGA / PORFIRIO B. PENA (Alternate)
                   Alternate Cashier         Head, Procurement Unit
                   1st Level Representative

Secretariat:     IMELDA P. ACOMPANADO and staff
                    OIC Chief, Human Resource Management Section

In the performance of their functions, the Board shall be guided by the United Merit Promotion Plan (UMPP) and other relevant office issuances consistent with existing policies of the Civil Service Commission. Alternate members for the first and second level DAEA representatives shall sit in the deliberation in cases where both Ms. Bordado and Ms. Bustarga cannot attend the meeting.


OIC Regional Executive Director