10th Regional Executive Director of the Department of Agriculture RFU 5


In the exigency of service, agriculture secretary Proceso J. Alcala has effected a re-assignment of regional directors and other top DA officials in some regional offices nationwide. In Bicol (region 5) Engr. Abelardo de Los Reyes Bragas with a position of Director IV has been assigned and designated as officer-in-charge , regional executive director vice Dr. Jose V. Dayao, Director IV, CESO Rank IV who has been re-assigned to the Office of the Secretary as Special Assistant.

The Special Order was issued last January 7 but Bragas reported to the DA regional office on January 14 and had his first meeting with the staff on January 14. Meanwhile, Dr. Dayao who is set to retire by April this year has requested secretary Alcala that instead of reporting to the Office of the secretary be retained at the DA-5 regional Office and continue performing functions that may be assigned to him while working on his clearances till April. Dayao's mandatory retirement is still in July but he has written secretary Alcala even prior to the re-assignment that he will be retiring by April.

Director Bragas who hails from Batangas is an agricultural engineer by profession and an alumnus of Gregorio Araneta Foundation. Prior to his assignment in Bicol he was designated regional executive director (Director IV) at Region IV-A. He rose from the ranks starting as Junior Soil technologist, to senior soil technologist at the Bureau of Soils and Water Management then as agriculturist II, senior agriculturist, supervising agriculturists, chief agriculturist then Engineer V at the DA in region IV-A.

Director Bragas is married to Melchy Moreno from Paloyon, Nabua, Camarines Sur and blessed with 2 sons and 1 daughter.

On his first meeting with the staff he urged the cooperation and support of everyone and said that he will continue whatever good policies and practices that are already in place but later if he sees there is a need to improve further then he will do so. He says he has the heart for the Bicolanos not only because he is married to a Bicolana and frequently comes for a visit but because he had worked with many hard-working Bicolanos some of whom had been his mentor as he was rising from the rank and has also developed deep friendships with most of them. (Emily B. Bordado)