The Department of Agriculture, Regional Office No. 5 through BAC  Resolution No. 1429-729 is procuring an additional  three (3) units Mobile Batch-Type Recirculating Mechanical Dryer for  distribution to Corn Farmer Beneficiaries under Corn Program through Repeat Order from the original procurement of thirteen (13) units Mobile Batch-Type Recirculating Mechanical Dryer  which was awarded to AIMS AGRI-VENTURES, INC.  with office address at  CBS Building, Zone 6, Diversion Road, Naga City. The Contract was executed in  May 15, 2017, thereafter  Notice to Proceed (NTP) was issued on  May 19, 2017. The original amount of the contract was Forty Four Million  Pesos (Php. 44,200,000.00).

The Repeat Order shall be:


DESCRIPTION                 QTY              UNIT PRICE               TOTAL PRICE          DELIVERY SCHEDULE


Three (3) units

Mobile Batch-Type

Recirculating Mechanical

Dryer for corn                    3 units               3,399.00                   10,197,000.00                   30 days



The Repeat Order for the previous contract shall be governed by the RA 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

The Department of Agriculture Region 5 shall in no case be held responsible or liable for any and all costs associated in the implementation of the Repeat Order of its result.



Chief, Admin & Finance Division
BAC Chairperson