Supply & delivery of one (1) unit Drilling Rig (Mounted on a 200hp Truck) and one (1) unit Drilling Rig (Mounted on a Trailer) under 2018 Rice Program

March 05, 2018

           Pursuant to pre-bidding conference held today, the committee agreed on the ff:

  1. Change of the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) for the two (2) units and Transfer of other Accessories from Truck Mounted Rig to Trailer Mounted Rig
  1. List of Accessories that will be deleted from the tractor mounted which amount will be incorporated to the trailer mounted rig
  1. 1 pc 8 ¾ inch TCI Trizone bit
  2. 1 pc 8 ¾ inch 3-wing Drag bit
  3. 2 pcs 36 inch rigid pipe wrench
  1. NEW ABC: Truck Mounted: Php12,350,000.00

                   Trailer Mounted: Php3, 650,000.00

  1. Testing of Rigs is required to drill at least one (1) borehole attaining the required depth for rig.
  • Additional required specifications for trailer mounted rig.
  1. Engine -60 Hp minimum
  2. Must have safety lights and brake while being towed
  3. Mast can be raised via hydraulic ram with safety lock valve and capable to handle installation of 6 meter long casing
  1. Additional Required Specifications for truck mounted rig.
  1. Engine from 200 Hp to 250 Hp (minimum)
  1. Partial Bid is allowed.

The Secretariat is hereby directed to inform all prospective bidders for the concerned project and post a copy of the same in the designated Bid Bulletin Board and in the agency website.


                                                                                          ROSARIO C. SALES                                                                                                                           Chief, Administrative and Finance Division

                                                                                                         Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee