As one of the heavily stricken areas by typhoon Nona, the LGU of Sorsogon had submitted 14 microenterprise proposals to help the community re-establish their means of livelihood and trade. Fortunately, 10 of the submitted microenterprise subprojects have been approved and received the No Objection Letter 1 (NOL 1).

In pursuit of the systematic development of the microenterprise subprojects, the RPCO V I-REAP and the Procurement Unit conducted the Pre-Implementation and Procurement Training on Microenterprises Subprojects for the province of Sorsogon at the Pili Commercialization Center, OPAg Compound, Sorsogon City.


The said training aimed to cultivate and strengthen the effective coordination between the RPCO components and units especially on the procurement progress of the subprojects under I-REAP, and to finalize the Work and Financial Plan (WFP) and the Procurement Plan for a smooth project implementation.

During the training, Glenn Balana, I-REAP PDA addressed the findings given by the PSO during the review of the submitted procurement plans. Issues and concerns were immediately taken action after the short consultation with the Proponent Groups.

On the other hand, Jesti Bergantin, Procurement PDA had instructed the PGs on the procurement timelines, subproject packages and the tranching for the finalization of the proposals, parallel to the cost sharing based on the NOL 1 issued for  the microenterprise subprojects for the calamity-stricken areas.

Esteven Garcia, I-REAP component member of Sorsogon, reminded the PGs to “stick on the guidelines and to follow the prescribe timelines” in order to fast track the process of the subproject implementation.

RPCO V Finance Analyst, Francis Llesis plans to conduct a PLGU BAC meeting to discuss the target procurement timelines and finalize the mode of procurement for the items to be purchased. (Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO 5 InfoACE Unit)