The Summer Youth Internship Program (SYIP) sponsored by the Department of Agriculture Bicol culminated with a simple graduation ceremony held at the DA conference room on May 18, 2017. With Hawaiian theme and a tag line “Aloha Auina (a-oeeyaa) La”, these youths prepared a short program showcasing their talents and shared what they have learned in the 22 days journey as public servants. 

A total of 30 students from various schools were given the opportunity to experience government service. They were assigned to different divisions where they were given clerical or technical tasks depending on their background and interest.

“Dreaming to be graduates is not impossible” Rosario Sales , DA Admin and Finance Chief said in her message . She thanked the youths for being part of the agency’s work force and wished them luck to be real graduates someday. Edgar Madrid, RTD for Research & Regulations presented a brief video showing the values of Hard-work rated as 98%, Knowledge 96%, Love 54%, Attitude 100% and Love of God 101% giving emphasis on Attitude and love of God which are important tools in honing ones personality. “It is our attitude towards work that makes our life 100% “ he said.

The interns expressed their gratitude to the DA for giving them the best experience as young adult. They learned each other’s strength and weaknesses and a taste of what the real world is. Teamwork and respect are the values they will bring along as they return to their classes in June this year. They were accompanied by the division chiefs or representatives (where they were assigned ) as they received their certificates.
Aside from their exposure to government culture, the interns will take home a net compensation of P9,980 pesos which will augment their expenses for tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses. (B. Nuñez/ H.A. Privaldos, R. Adversario jr.)