NAGA CITY – Human resource is the most important resource in any organization. Thus, the DA invests in maintaining competent personnel equipped with technical expertise and knowledge to carry out the agency’s gigantic task as food provider.

In tandem with the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the DA Human Resource Management Section (HRMS) spearheaded the 4-day Supervisory Development Course (SDC) Tracks 2 and 3 in one of the hotels here on June 19-22, 2017. This was attended by some 25 2nd level or middle supervisors of the department. Marilou D. Bordon, chief of the HRMS said that the participants have previously attended the Track 1 of said course.


Rosario C. Sales, chief of the Administrative and Finance Division in her welcome remarks said that supervisory training programs are crucial in an organization. Supervisor skills need to be honed to produce and to maintain quality employees. Capability building is also important for the workforce as without it, the organization cannot produce best performers and measurable output.

Sales also said that DA Bicol regional executive director Elena B. de los Santos has already approved a number of trainings not only for the supervisors but also for all the levels in the rank and file personnel to upgrade public service delivery with international standards.

Sales added that the SDC course is also aimed to cushion the department against the repercussions of the Rightsizing program of the national government which proposed retirement benefits. Majority of the personnel holding supervisory positions in the department submitted their intent to retire upon the approval of the Rightsizing Bill.

The training program consisted of three modules which are aimed to equip the participants with advanced supervisory skills, techniques and approaches; knowledge on the levels of competency in the workplace and human resource management skills towards organization integrity and excellence.

Experts from the Civil Service Commission served as facilitators. Dir. Jocelyn Marifosque, Director II of Camarines Sur CSC field office discussed topics on Power, Leadership and Management and Employee Development Principles and Processes.

Dr. Rosalini Moneda, Director II of Camarines Norte CSC field office discussed Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring; Faces and Process of Employee Empowerment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ma. Lourdes Salud discussed the topics: Making Presentations; Handling Audiences with Problems; Handling the Q and A Period; Workshops/Exercises on Presentation; Making Meetings Productive; and Planning and Leading Meetings.

In closing, DA Bicol OIC Regional Technical Director for Operations and Extension Rodel P. Tornilla thanked the CSC and the DA - HRMS for spearheading such activity. Being a new supervisor himself, Tornilla asserted that the hardest hurdle in being a supervisor is the transition period from being a regular staff to becoming the leader of a unit or division. Indeed, the SDC course is a very big help to new supervisors in their ascent to higher positions. (Lovella Guarin, photo credit Eduardo Collantes, Jr.)