PILI, CAMARINES SUR –Some 200 school children in three barangays of this municipality had an early Christmas treat as they were chosen to partake of nutritious porridge (champorado) made from brown rice with cocoa powder and milk and given some gift items and tokens . This food sharing or feeding activity was part of the advocacy campaign of the Department of Agriculture towards responsible consumption and use of healthy rice grains. The activity also capped the observance of the month of November as National Rice Awareness month.

For this food sharing activity, the DA partnered with the Kiwanis Club of Pil , a civic organization committed to promote and advocate the welfare of Children and the Multi-Agro Forest Community Development Cooperative, whose members are mostly DA employees and agricultural extension workers which is also supporting the advocacies of the DA.

The feeding activity in Barangay Tagbong and La Purisima was held on November 23 and 24 respectively. In Barangay La Purisima Pili Mayor Tomas Bongalonta ,barangay council chairperson Sandy Bicaldo and Francisco Avila, the school principal and the officers of the Kiwanis Club and MAF coop graced said occasion. In Barangay La Purisima Purisima the group was joined by Barangay Chairperson Rodolfo Nacario. 
For Barangay Palestina the feeding was held on November 28 at the Barangay covered court and attended also by the following: Barangay Kagawad Buenaventura Sunguad and Kagawad Raul Alabastro and Kagawad Armando Caceres; Ems Sarte , Kiwanis PIli club president; Engr. Angel Pormalejo, Kiwanis past president; Emilia Bordado DA , Chief, information officer and concurrent Chairperson of the MAF Coop; Oscar Orozco, MAF vice chairperson, Lucila Nacario, MAF Coop Manager and Salvadora Gavino and Leonora Crucillo ,MAF Coop board of Directors. Also present were the parents of the children and the day Care workers Maria Luisa Estifona and Maribeth Villagracia.

Bordado discussed the significance of the observance and celebration of Rice Awareness Month and the objective of the Be Riceponsible advocacy campaign of the DA as well as the nutritional value of brown or unpolished rice. The DA provided the brown rice made into porridge and used for the feeding. The MAF coop also provided some bread and drinks for the children and other participants.

The Kiwanis club on the other hand entertained the kids with games and contests and distributed gifts and tokens for the children.

This is the second time that this activity was undertaken by the DA and the MAF Coopin this municipality. The first time was in 2016 also in barangay Palestina. (Emily B. Bordado)