March 11, 2014


DA holds training on surveying and dam design

The Department of Agriculture together with the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) is conducting a training on Surveying and Dam Design from March 11 to March 28 at DA RIARS training. Over 25 agricultural engineers from the regional office and the local government units attended the said training. The training aims at updating the knowledge of AEs in engineering design and construction of earth dams and build their capacities on computer applications in every area of the design processes.

According to OIC Regional Executive Director Engr. Abelardo Bragas, Bicol has vast opportunity for agricultural development. Expanding the irrigation systems and developing other sources of irrigation water, will increase production and subsequently increase the region’s contribution to national rice sufficiency. The region has great potential for small water impounding projects and diversion dams that could be developed and tapped as source of water for farmers. The Regional Agricultural Engineering Division has identified areas in the region suitable for small scale irrigation systems that need to be surveyed and developed. So, it is timely that the said training is conducted to develop agricultural engineers and provide them with the skills and knowledge in surveying and dam design to fast track project implementation. Bragas likewise urged the engineers to come up with an output to be presented during the last day of the seminar. He also thanked the engineers and challenged them to prepare a design with program of work for implementation in their respective areas of assignment.

Meanwhile, RAED chief Engr. Arnie Ilan disclosed that Region V was able to receive additional funds for the construction of dams and SWIPs, and because of the increase in number of projects the training will greatly help them in accomplishing the targeted projects through the LGU partners. The projects will pour in not only this year but, for the succeeding years as one of the directions now is the development of small scale irrigation systems. So in anticipation for the increase in the number of projects this training is indeed very timely and appropriate. Aside from this, it will be easier to prepare proposals if surveys and designs are available. With proposals and dam designs at hand, succeeding projects will be realized.

Engr. Ernie Brampio of BSWM on the otherhand, also said that surveying is a prerequisite to dam design, and surveying instruments are important. He emphasized that participants must have focus to ensure that they will assimilate what is being taught in the training. He urged them to ask questions if there are gray areas in the lecture and to apply whatever they learn to their respective workplace.

Topics discussed include: Survey and Investigation; Flood Studies; Requirements for Hydraulic Design; Structural Design and Stability Requirement; Illustrative Design of Diversion Dam; Preparing Program of Works; Agro Hydrology Studies; Design of Dam and other Appurtenance; Cost Estimation and Hands-on Design. (mabelle roa-ilan)