March 11, 2014

NAGA CITY-    Undersecretary for Special Concerns,  Bernadette Romulo- Puyat  of the Department of Agriculture graced  the 2-day   Trade and Jobs Fair  for women entrepreneurs   and members of the “Lakas ng Kababihan,”  a women empowerment movement in Camarines Sur   led and supported by 3rd district representative Atty.  Leni G. Robredo.

The  event  which   featured exhibits and sales of  products and services  of various women’s groups, entrepreneurs and  partner government agencies  was held on March 7 to 8 in time for the  celebration of the 2014 International Women’s month. Bannering the theme:  “Asenso kan Kababaihan, Asenso kan Distrito”, the event  held at Jesse M. Robredo memorial coliseum here   also showcased the various  products and crafts   not only  of already established enterprises  run by women but even of  aspiring  women entrepreneurs.

Puyat  who was personally invited by Robredo   lauded   the  creativity, resourcefulness  and skills  of the  Bicolano women   in developing   various products and crafts   using the available resources in the locality.   As the  chairperson  of the DA’s GAD Focal System,   Puyat  said the  national government    recognizes   the vital role of women  in development and change  and   the Philippines   is the only country which mandates all government agencies and  institutions to allocate 5% of their annual budget for GAD programs.

Puyat also  urged the women to    patronize their own  local  products.  She revealed that for two years  now she has been using  pili-oil based lipstick which she said  does   not make her lips dry and  crack.  She said  she started using pili-oil based lipstick when  Mrs.  Rosalinda Tan who  has her business enterprise  in Cam. Sur gifted her    with one.   She found out that   pili oil is a much sought -after   raw material  by  largest cosmetic  companies, like Channel, Christian Dior because it  contains  high levels of carotenoids, and Vitamin E.   Topically, pili  oil has great effects by promoting younger skin and fighting ageing.   She thus, also  urged Atty. Robredo to shift to pili-oil-based lipstick.

On the prodding  of DA Bicol regional executive director , Engr. Abelardo Bragas, the two famous, influential and beautiful   women posed gamely for  the  cameras and  made a public endorsement of pili oil –based lipstick  right there and then at the women’s  gathering saying:  “Bicol made  pili lipstick is organic, aesthetic, and domestically produced.  So kiss your old lipsticks goodbye.  Use pili oil-based lipstick”

 Puyat and Robredo  are  both widows   with  children,   distinguished careers and  reputable names  and legacy  which they are gracefully  and honorably  nurturing and   carrying on.  They  are  true epitome  of strength, resilience     and grace  as they move   on with their  life, career and  mission despite the personal tragedy, (the untimely  demise of their husbands)   they have been through. Both   are their own person,    who  have carved their own niches  in their career and  in the  field of  public service.  These two Juanas    truly inspire and empower   other  Filipino  women, thus, they are worth   emulating  -  “  Ang   Tatag nyo ay Tatag nang Bayan   sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong” (Emily B.  Bordado)



Top photo shows DA Undersecretary for Special Concerns,  Bernadette Romulo- Puyat giving the keynote speech. Seated onstage are Regional Executive Director Abelardo R. Bragas, and Atty. Leni G. Robredo.

USec Bernadette Romulo- Puyat holds a bottle of pili oil.