The Livestock Program focuses on conservation and improvement of genetic materials; disease prevention, control, and eradication; explore and promote alternative nutrition technologies and pursue possible export opportunities.

Contact Person: 

Regional Livestock Program Coordinator: 


Dr. Josefina Banadera
Operations Division
DA RFO 5 San Agustin, Pili,
Camarines Sur

Eligible Beneficiaries: Livestock Raisers, Dog owners, Feedmillers


 1. Artificial Insemination
  Standard / Estimated Costs (P)

Upgrading of animal (large ruminants) population in the locality through artificial insemination


Letter Request from LGUs
Assignment of Livestock Technician
Counterpart funding for drugs and LN2
Regular submission of calf drop report

 P500.00 per animal




2. Disease Prevention and Control of Other Economically Important Diseases

 Standard / Estimated Costs (P)
The project requires strategic vaccination and aim to establish blanket immunity on the livestock population

Letter request from LGUs


P105.00 per animal

3. Animal Diagnostic & Biological Services
 Standard / Estimated Costs (P)
Disease surveillance through collection and examination of laboratory samples to prevent and control animal diseases.

Letter request and information on the case outbreak.




P105.00 per examination


 4. Feed Laboratory Services
Standard / Estimated Costs (P)
 Examination of feeds sample to determine the quality of feeds and feed components sold in the market and examination of other feed by-products.

 Submission of laboratory feed samples


P305.00 per examination

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