Corn Program

The Corn Program focuses on the productivity of Farm Clusters in major corn producing provinces/ areas in Bicol Region to achieve self-sufficiency in feed crops (yellow corn and cassava); to sustain the growing demand of the livestock and poultry sub-sectors and help stabilize prices in our local market. Likewise, the Corn program also promotes the production and consumption of white corn as staple and to ensure steady supply of white corn grains and expand the market for high quality white corn grits to help ease the pressure on rice demand. With the continuous promotion of productivity-enhancing and cost-reducing measures/technologies to aid corn farmers gain better income thru establishment of adaptation technologies using improved corn varieties (High Yielding OPVs and Hybrids) and state-of-the-art Post-harvest Facilities (PHFs); and mitigating measures such as adoption of organic-based agriculture to help strengthen resiliency and coping capacity of our corn farmer

Eligible Beneficiaries: Corn Farmers, Farmers Association, Seed Growers, Cooperators, Agri-Entreprenuers

Contact Persons:

 Regional Corn Program


 Mr. Eduardo L. Lomerio
Chief, Operations Division
DA RFU 5 San Agustin, Pili,
Camarines Sur

Regional Cassava

Focal Person: 

Engr. Danilo Aman
Operations Division
DA RFU 5 San Agustin, Pili,
Camarines Sur

Regional Corn Program

Report Officer: 

Mr. Dean L. Medrano
Operations Division
DA RFU 5 San Agustin, Pili,
Camarines Sur


1. OPV Corn Seed Exchange

Objective: To increase or develop idle and new lands suitable for corn production and promote intercropping of corn under coconut areas and/ or cassava.


  • The recipient shall submit letter of request to DA RFU 5 addressed to RED or RCC, together with the master list of prospective farmers who will receive said planting materials.
  • RIS (Request and Issue Slip) shall be filled-out by the proponent upon approval of their request.

Standard / Estimated CostP700.00 per 20 kilo-bag

Additional Information Required in the Project Brief:

  • The recipient shall pay after harvest twice the amount or volume of corn seeds they have received. These seeds will be given to other recipients on a roll-over scheme to maintain the source and sustain the availability of quality of planting materials in the locality.


2. Farm Mechanization

  Description: Provision of Farm Mechanization under the Tractor Pool Program on a counterparting Scheme (85:15%).


  • The qualified Recipients or Cooperators, such as LGUs , Farm Cluster Coops/ Farmers Organizations and shall have at least 400 hectares contiguous farm area producing corn as major crop with SEC/ CDA/ DOLE Registration.
  • The recipient shall enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • If the Cooperator is not yet included in the cluster area, they shall undergo first trainings on Farm Cluster Development Planning Workshop

Additional Information Required  in the Project Brief:

  • Letter of Intent from the FOs/ Coops/ FAs and a Board Resolution stating its need for the specified intervention and their capacity to manage, sustain and maintain the machinery or equipment.
  •  Medium-Term Farm Cluster Development Plan and latest Certificate of Registration from CDA/ DOLE/SEC.

3. Village-type Corn Postharvest and Drying Facility


Provision of Post-harvest and Drying Facilities on a counterparting scheme; Use value-chain analysis and assessment of end-users' (Recipients) economic and technical capability; Increasing value-addition and income of stakeholders particularly corn farmers.


  • Letter of Intent and a Feasibility Study of the Project shall be submitted to DA-RFU 5.
  • The recipient shall enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

 Additional Information Required  in the Project Brief:

 The DA-RFU 5 thru the Corn Program shall conduct a pre-evaluation to determine the preparedness and capability of the recipient/s to manage the facility. Additional Requirements such as the following must be complied, to wit:

  • Board Resolution;
  • Certification on the Availability of Counterpart Fund (duly signed by your Finance Officer and Accountant);
  • Lot ownership (Certification or Lease Contract)

4. Other Interventions

Description: Provision of other postharvest equipment


  •  LGU / FA / Coop letter of intent
  • At least 50 hectares potential area for white corn production

Standard Estimated Cost

  • Corn Mill -P300,000
  • Hammer mill -P250,000
  • Mechanical corn sheller -P120,000
  • Corn Planter (Farmlite)-P300,000
  • Cassava Granulator cum shredder -P200,000
  • Cassava Grater (complete set)-P150,000
  • Cassava Chippers -P120,000
  • Vacuum pack sealer-P60,000