DA RF0-V Regional Action Center


Situationer Report No. 03, as of  2:00PM, July 31, 2016


Impact on Agriculture Sector. There is no risk of flooding as of the moment in the Bicol River Basin areas since according the hydrological forecast from the same agency, the observed water level within the basin is expected to remain normal during the forecast period.

However, if heavy rainfall continuous to occur in the next few days, the potential impact on crops  will be flooding in the Bicol River Basin areas of  8,320.69 hectares out of  37,439 hectares of rice at early vegetative to vegetative stage. The total standing crop for corn is 7,867.26 hectares mostly at vegetative and early reproductive stages. The total area planted for lowland vegetable is 7,915.13 hectares.

Right now, the intermittent rainfall favors crop establishment and land preparation in both upland and rainfed areas, specifically in areas affected by the current El Nino Phenomenon.


As part of the disaster preparedness activities of DA RFO-5, the following activities have been undertaken:

  • Issuance of advisories to farmers through broadcast media 
  • Activation of command center at the office of the OIC-Regional Executive Director.



Prepared  by:                                                                                   


TIRSO O. PERLAS                                                                  
OIC, Field Operations Division                                                 


Approved by:

OIC-Regional Executive Director