AS OF MARCH 4, 2015


      A. 1. Development of production areas

              a)  APTC Production Area/Demo Farm

  • Two (2) hectares existing area allotted to D.A. planted with green corn, pole sitao, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and bush sitao (see attached map).
  • One (1) hectare existing area allotted to OPAG planted with pole sitao, eggplant and pechay
  • A total of 150 students, agriculture extension workers, farmers and walk-in clienteles visited the production area
  • Initial harvest of 30 kg lettuce and 15 kg raddish, 100 kg eggplant and 10 kg of bush sitao.
  • On-going establishment of demo site allotted to Haverson and Allied Companies with 1,500 sq.m. per company.
  • Operational motor pump installed to supply water requirement of the production area
  • Maintenance of Mandala Vegetable Garden (organic demo garden).
  • Maintenance of highland vegetable under nurseries and greenhouses.


  • Layout and establishment of water canal
  • Repair of fence near the seed derby area to prevent pilferage of harvest

Expansion Areas

  • Provided free tractor assistance and assorted vegetable seeds to 33.3 hectares expansion area
  • A total 0f 43 kg of assorted vegetable seeds distributed to expansion areas in municipality of Labo, Talisay, Basud and San Lorenzo Ruiz to rehabilitate damages due to Typhoon Ruby and Amang
  • Provision of Tractor assistance to FFS sites.
  • Eleven (11) hectares planted with eggplant, sitao, okra and ampalaya to be harvested on March-April 2015 with estimated harvest of 55 metric tons


The average monthly transaction decreased due to the effect of typhoon Ruby and Amang in the existing areas (see TABLES below)

  • A total of 11,291 kg purchased from February 1 to 23 amounting to 157, 534.00.
  • A total of 9,692 kg volume traded in the amount of 150,298.80.
  • Regular monitoring of transaction summary to determine movement of products and cashflow, and the status of operation of APTC



  • Geo Tagging of vegetable existing and expansion areas
  • Submit shortlisted recommendation for business manager
  • Preparation of one year development plan
  • Preparation of activity proposal for the conduct of Harvest Festival and FFS mass graduation on April 2015



Figure 1. Fully operational motor pump which can supply the water requirement of 2 hectares production area at APTC.


Figure 2. Harvesting of lettuce.