Schedule of Availability of the Service:
Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm without noon break

Who may avail of the Service:
Organizations, associations, corporation, cooperatives and individuals desiring to engage in the abovementioned activity/business

What are the requirements:

General Requirements:
1. Notarized accomplished Petition Form (Revised AFSD Form No. 2) Joint Affidavit of Undertaking
2. Photocopy of Mayor’s Permit for the current year
3. Photocopy of Business Name Registration from DTI with BDT/Sec (for corporation) and Articles of Incorporation
4. Photocopy of CDA Registration for cooperatives
5. 3 copies of 1x1 inch and ID pictures of the owner/general manager/veterinarian
6. Photocopy of Pharmacist/Veterinarian Registration Certificate from PRC and PTR
7. Notarized valid contract of lease of the space/building occupied, if not owned.
8. Batch distribution record book duly registered with BFAD/BAI
9. Reference Books:
a. USP/NF (latest edition)
b. RA 3720, RA 6675, RA 5921
c. Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences (latest edition)
d. Goodman and Gilman Pharmaceutical Basis of Therapeutics
e. British Pharmacopiea
f. Philippine National Veterinary Formulary
10. Location Plan
11. Certificate of Attendance of Veterinarian/Pharmacist to the re-orientation seminar and consultation meeting regarding veterinary drugs and products
12. List of products to be manufactured/distributed/sold in generic and brand name.
13. Inspection and evaluation report
14. Certificate of attendance to techno update on licensing of veterinary drugs & products establishments
Additional Requirements:
A. Manufacturer:
1. ECC and PTO for the local DENR
2. Current floor plan with complete dimension and proposed floor plan in accordance to approved good manufacturing practice (GMP)
3. List of manufacturing/quality control equipment
4. Affidavit of consultant

B. Trader
1. Notarized valid contract of agreement with the manufacturer containing stipulation that both manufacturer and trader are jointly responsible for the quality of products. 

2. Affidavit of consultant
3. Environmental Clearance Certificate/Permit to Operate of contracted laboratory

C. Distributor
1. Importer:
1.1. Foreign agency agreement
1.2. Current GMP certificate issued by a government health agency duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate at the country of origin
1.3. Government certificate of clearance and free sale or registration approval of the products from the country of origin duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate of the country of origin
2. Exporter:
2.1. A valid contract of agreement with BFAD licensed manufacturer/supplier
3. Wholesaler:
3.1. Valid contract of agreement with BFAD/BAI licensed manufacturer/trader and/or distributor
3.2. Certification that the products it sells are registered with BFAD/BAI
3.3. Complete list of products to be sold with their corresponding product registration numbers.

D. Outlets
1. Certification that the products it sells are registered with BFAD/BAI
2. Complete list of products to b sold with corresponding product registration numbers.

E. Changes in Circumstances
1. Official letter, re: change of address/owner/business name, etc.
2. Surrender original/old LTO, CPR and approved label
3. Deed of sale/transfer of rights in case of change of ownership
4. Notarized Affidavit of Pharmacist/Veterinarian in case of change of Pharmacist/Veterinarian
5. Duly notarized declaration form for any change (s) in the product

Schedule of Fees

 Establishment                Initial                    Renewal (2 yrs)
1. VDAPM                  P 6,000.00                 P 12,000.00
2. VDAPT                     3,600.00                     7,200.00
3. VDAPD                     2,400.00                     4,800.00
4. VDAPO                       250.00                     5,000.00

 Note:  Surcharge of 50% of the amount on every expired LTO.

Duration: 5 - 10 days

How to Avail of the Services: