Schedule of availability of the service:
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5 pm
Who may avail of the service:
Livestock/poultry/by-products handlers/carriers
What are the requirements:
- Latest I.D. Picture 1x1 (4 copies)
- Business permit (Mayor’s permit) photocopy
- Duly accomplished/notarized application forms
- TIN (photocopy)
- Livestock/poultry/by-products handlers fee P300.00
- For livestock/poultry/by-product transport carrier accreditation fee P500.00/vehicle
- Picture of vehicle (front/side view)
- Photocopy of Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (C.R.)
- Attendance to orientation seminar
1 month, 4 hours & 20 minutes

How to avail of the service: