ICT-based resources on agriculture/rice

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Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank
PhilRice  url: http://www.pinoyrkb.com 

  • Offers free science-based information on how to be more competitive in rice and rice-based farming in the Philippines using the Palay Check (presented here in major Philippine dialects) and Palayamanan Systems
  • Contains ready-to-print, simplified, and illustrated handouts, and ready-to-read broadcast releases on various rice related topics; learning modules in PowerPoint format; audio plugs and interviews with rice experts; educational and entertaining videos; tips on knowledge sharing; and learning; facts and figures about the rice industry; and agriculture dictionary; and more!
  • Comes with an offline version that is uploaded quarterly and downloadable from the website

ATI url:


  • Features interactive services such as e-learning, e-farming, and e-trading to enhance productivity, profitability  and competitiveness in agriculture, fisheries and natural resources management

Rice Knowledge Bank 

IRRI url:

  • Contains rice production techniques, agricultural technologies, and best farming practices based on IRRI's pool of knowledge from research findings, learning and media resources, and in-country projects.

Rice Crop Manager

IRRI url:

(using an HTML5 compatible web browsers on smartphones, tabs and computers)

  • Provides a crop nutrient management guide with recommendations that match location-specific cropping practices and needs
  • Designed for use by extension workers, crop advisors, and input and service providers

Rice Doctor

IRRI url:

  • Provides a systematic, simple and illustrated way to identify problems in the rice crop
  • Gives practical advice on managing these problems

Weed Identification Tool

IRRI url:

  • Helps identify the major weeds of rice and also gives additional information on management  and geographical distribution of weeds

MOET App v2.0

(Downloadable from PhilRice website)

  •  Computes the field fertilizer requirements of an irrigated lowland rice based on results of MOET experiment and predicts  the rice yield if the fertilizer application plan is followed

PhilRice Text Center 
Call/Text 09209111398


  •  Your everyday SMS-based helpdesk and customer support services  on anything about rice
  • Has info on demand feature that gives the desired information by simply texting the right key word. 

 Farmers' Contact Center

Call 982AGRI (982-2474) for Metro Manila or 1-800-10-982AGRI (or 1-800-10-982-2474) for provincial toll free calls using PLDT landlines

  •  Provides various ways to receive farm and business advice through voice calls, text messages, e-mails or other on-line forms of communications, such as instant messaging and forum