(2nd Invitation for the Supply & Delivery of (Lot 1) –Rice Seeds; (lot 2) Corn Seeds; (Lot 3) Assorted Vegetables; (Lot 4) – Various Fertilizers and (Lot 5) Assorted Garden Tools, Mulching Film & Tunneling Film for distribution to the recipients / cooperators of the Organic Agriculture Program)

December 3, 2018

In view of the scheduled bid conference today, no bid was received for Lot 1-Rice Seeds, Lot 2-Corn Seeds, Lot 4-Various Fertilizers and Lot 5-Assorted Garden Tools while there was bidder for Lot 3, as such, pursuant to Section 35.1 (a) RA 9184 and the Revised IRR, the bidding for the above contract is hereby declared partial FAILURE.

The Secretariat is therefore directed to continue with the procurement under Negotiated Procurement & post this bulletin to PhilGEPS and DA Website.

ROSARIO C. SALES Chief, Admin & Finance Division
Chairperson, Bids and Awards Committee