A total of 24 farms in Bicol are now GAP certified. This was the confirmation made by the Department of Agriculture during the turn over ceremony on January 27 at the DA-RFO 5 compond. Rodel Tornilla, Regional Executive Director together with Raymund Marcelino, Supervising Agriculturist, Reguilatory Division led the turn over ceremony. The farm owners were represented by the Agricultural Extension Workers in their area who played an important role in achieving said certification.  

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are production standards that were developed to minimize risks of contaminating agricultural products due to harmful microbes. According to Ailene Babilonia , Agriculturist II & Deputized National Inspector, the farms  underwent four modules of GAP which were: food safety, workers welfare, right quality of produce and  caring about environment. The farms were carefully assessed and evaluated through voluntary audit procedures. The workers’ accommodation areas are generally well equipped with high velocity air conditioning.

GAP certified farms approved by the Bureau of Plant Industry were: Arsenas Farm Mardith Farm, Necitas Farm, Cuatro’s Farm, Trining Farm, De Los Santos Farm, Calatrava’s Farm, Bertulfo’s Farm, Deloverges Agri Farm, Iriga City Oragon Farm, Susan’s Farm, Ave-Lino’s Farm, Riveral’s Farm.  Farms with renewed certificates were: Culmor Farm, Vks Farm , Mauswag Agri Business Inc., Mikeliz  Integrated Farm, Pebre’s Farm, Pilar Municipal Nursery, Cerillo’s Farm.  GAP certified farms since 2018 were: Sonriza Farm, Pebre’s Farm, NVAC (Naga View Adventist College) ,Labo Progresive Multi-Purpose Cooperative. (B. Nunez. Photo credit: HA Privaldos)