CAMALIG, Albay—More than 200 farmers from the provinces of Camarines Sur, Albay and Camarines Norte attended the second day of the “Gear Up Bicol 2019: An Agricultural Mechanization Roadshow for Modern Farming Techniques and Technologies” on November 14, 2019 at the Albay Farmers Bounty Village here.

Farmers Jejomar Aguilar, Vicente Bron and Efren Nazarria from Buhi, Camarines Sur found the expo very helpful because they were able to have a hands-on experience on how the new hand-tractor and thresher work. These machineries will be very useful in their rice, corn and vegetable farms because they will be able to cut the cost of labor cost of hired planters, cultivators, and harvesters.

According to Kim KyongSoo, Director of Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (KAMICO), Philippines and South Korea have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement,  Memorandum of Understanding and World Trade Agreement which deepened the partnership  upgrade and develop farm industry through farm machineries.

Soo also urged the farmers to continue mechanizing their farming, cooperate with government agencies, share and adopt advance technologies and continuously work together for the advancement of agriculture.

Soo hoped that the activities like this will contribute to the local agriculture and increase in farm income of the local farmers.

Albay Provincial Agriculture Office staff Engr. Percival de Villa said Filipino farmers are facing a big challenge in terms of cost of labor and agricultural production.

He added that  agricultural mechanization will cut the cost of production, increase farmers’ agricultural competitiveness and income, and eventually ensure food security in the country.

Exhibitors include Leehwa Industry, ASIATECH, Joongang Precision, KAMICO, Fit Corea Trading Philippines. The machineries that were demonstrated include Grain Processing Machine; Hydrator, power weeder, power reaper, brown rice miller, bed former, canal maker, drone sprayer and corn mill. (jaysonmgonzales)