New road access in Basud for faster transport of goods to market

In a small agricultural community in the municipality of Basud, lies the second Farm-to-market Road funded under the Philippine Rural development Project (PRDP) in the Province of Camarines Norte.

For years, the residents endured the rough and dusty roads which make it difficult to transport their goods and products to and from the nearest market. Some of them opt to manually carry their harvest while others rent a motorcycle in order to deliver their goods.

“Masayang-masaya kami at sa wakas magkakaroon na rin kami ng kalsada na tiyak na makakatulong sa amin sa paghatid ng aming mga produkto patungo sa pamilihan (We are very happy that we are going to have a road that will surely help us deliver our goods in the market).” Godofredo Jerez, Brgy. Capatain of Lidong.

The Provincial Project Management Unit (PPMIU) of Camarines Norte had proposed a 5.770 kilometer Farm-to-Market Road that will give access to 3 baranggays, namely Angas, Mandazo and Lidong. This subproject will benefit 457 households to easily transport their product and services.

Basud is devoted to agriculture and it is known for its 3 agricultural crops:  coconut, rice and pineapple. Since most of the residents of this area are farmers they opted to produce copra as their major product and other coconut by-products such as brooms, baskets, charcoal and soap as their source of income.

A Pre-Construction Conference for the Concreting of Angas to Lidong Farm to Market Road was conducted to make the stakeholders aware of the different requirements and process that they will encounter as the subproject is being implemented. It was attended by the RPCO V I-BUILD RIE, Procurement and Finance Unit, PPMIU Camarines Norte and the Baranggay Captains of the three municipalities that will benefit from the FMR. The conference served as a venue for the baranggay captains to share their insights and suggestions for the construction of the roadway.

The Angas to Lidong Farm to Market Road will be constructed under the Hi-Tone Construction and Development Corporation joint ventured with the JCO Construction and Supply. These are the same contractors for the Construction/Rehabilitation of Pinagwarasan to Lanot Farm to Market Road also located in the municipality of Basud.

The contractors guaranteed to follow the quality standards of World Bank using complete and appropriate equipments as stated on the program of works of the subproject.

I-BUILD or Infrastructure Development is one of the main components of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) which aims to develop a strategic network of climate resilient rural infrastructures which will support the value chain in the project areas. (Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO V InfoACE Unit)