Congratulations RAFC Bicol for bagging Fourteen (14) National awards during the 9th National Agriculture & Fisheries Volunteers’ Day held at Midas Hotel, Pasay City.

1. Outstanding RAFC Achiever Award

RAFC Bicol

2. Outstanding RAFC Chairperson

Ms. Bernadette B. De los Santos

3. Outstanding RAFC Executive Officer

Ms. Aloha Gigi I. Bañaria

4. Outstanding RAFC Secretariat-Coordinator

Ms. Gladys Regondola-Guzman

5. Outstanding PAFC Achiever Award

1st Runner-up

PAFC Albay

6. Outstanding PAFC Chairperson

Mr. Rene B. De los Reyes (PAFC Albay)

7. Outstanding PAFC Secretariat-Coordinator

Ms. Arminda Padilla (PAFC Albay)

8. Outstanding MAFC Achiever Award

1st Runner-up

MAFC Dimasalang, Masbate

9. Outstanding MAFC Chairperson

Mr. Rudito Guio Guio (Dimasalang, Masbate)

10. Outstanding MAFC Secretariat-Coordinator

1st Runner-up

Mr. Carlito Pepito (Dimasalang, Masbate)

11. Outstanding RAFC Sectoral Committee

1st Runner-up

RAFC Bicol Women Sectoral Committee

12. Outstanding RAFC Sectoral Committee

2nd Runner-up

RAFC Bicol Climate Change Environmental

& Natural Resources Sectoral Committee

13. Outstanding PAFC Sectoral Committee

1st Runner-up

PAFC Albay Fisheries & Aquaculture

Sectoral Committee

14. Outstanding PAFC Sectoral Committee

2nd Runner-up

PAFC Albay Poultry and Livestock

Sectoral Committee