RPAB approves P68-million worth of subprojects in Bicol

 Members of the Regional Project Advisory Board (RPAB) of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) approved six subproject proposals worth P68, 102, 123. 69 in the Bicol Region.

The RPAB meeting was presided by RPCO V Deputy Project Director/I-REAP Component Head, Adelina Losa and attended by the RPAB members from the Bureau of Aquatic Resources and Fisheries (BFAR), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Regional Agriculture and Fishery Council (RAFC), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The Municipality of Manito,Albay proposed for a Construction of level II Water System to supply potable water to the Eastern Barangays of Manito. It has a physical target of 17.90 kilometers pipeline with 250 units of communal faucet with a total cost of P 35, 600, 722.86 that will benefit 1, 379 household beneficiaries.

On the other hand, the Province of Sorsogon through St. Anne Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative as the proponent group, had proposed for Abaca Fiber Processing and Trading Enterprise with a proposed subproject cost of P 13, 992, 960. 00. The Prop0nent Group (PG) aims to revive and promote the abaca industry in the province through their graded and baled abaca fiber.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Aroroy, Masbate had proposed for LUBACON Coco Charcoal Production and Marketing Enterprise, through the Luy-a, Balete, Concepcion (LUBACON) Agro Scale Miners and Gold Processors Multi-purpose Cooperative. The proponent group proposed for a Charcoal Processing Building and Warehouse, hauling truck and tools and equipment for processing of coco charcoal with a total project cost of P 10, 774, 350. 83. According to Engr. Arvin Ostia, Acting Municipal Agriculturist of Aroroy, Masbate, this project will be a great help for the community for it will give them employment, business and advancement on their craft.

Aside from the conservation of the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) for Global Environment Facilty (GEF) of PRDP, the GEF subprojects are also entitled to have a micro-enterprise to assist the means of livelihood of the PGs while they are looking after the MPAs in their community.

Meanwhile, the Samahang Mandaragat ng Barangay Inapugan (SMBI) proposed for the Milkfish Culture and Marketing in Pilar, Sorsogon. The PG is composed of 76 members who will watch over the proposed three units Fish Pen for the Milkfish with a total subproject cost of Php 1, 597, 550.00.

Ms. Nonie Enolva of BFAR said that this proposal is very timely, since Secretary Manny Piñol is determined to intensify the Milkfish Culture in the Philippines. There is a demand for more than 2 billion milkfish fry to address the needs of the mariculture zones. BFAR will escalate their drive to produce more through their maricuture parks, Enolva elaborated.

Moreover, the Butag Fisherfolk Organization proposed a P 3, 529, 840. 00 worth of project for the Butag Green Grouper Fish Cage Production Project in Bulan, Sorsogon. It was presented by their Municipal Agriculturist, Marieta Bayoca. The PG had chosen green grouper as their product for its white and expensive meat.

Bayoca said that the PG of this subproject will also serve as the deputized fish warden of their MPA and at the same time they shall take charge of feeding the green grouper. They will also receive incentives from the LGU and will be given seaweeds for their livelihood.

Likewise, the Calintaan, Calayuan, Poropandan, Paghuliran Fish Garmers Association had proposed a project worth P2, 606, 700.00 for the Seaweed and Grouper Culture Production Project in Matnog, Sorsogon. The PG will use fish cage method for the grouper and fixed bottom set method for their seaweeds in a product form of live grouper and raw dried seaweeds.

RPAB members reminded the Provincial/Municipal Project Management Implementing Unit (P/MPMIU) and the PGs that all the suggestions must be incorporated in their proposal together with the requirements that need to be complied for the project.

Considering that all the project proposals are of good intention, financially reasonable and economically viable, The RPAB members endorsed and approved the six project proposals for the issuance of No Objection Letter 1. (Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO V InfoACE Unit)