Tuburan, Cawayan, Masbate. In response to the marching order of the Department of Agriculture Secretary William D.  Dar to set-up trials on sorghum production, DA- Bicol   through the   Corn Program has established production trials in this province.  A four-hectare and 1-hectare sorghum production area in the municipalities of Cawayan and Aroroy, respectively, are now ready for harvest.   This is the second trial conducted for sorghum in the province.

Sorghum is a drought tolerant crop highly suitable in the province of Masbate as a potential cash crop and as a source of feed for its livestock which is the major industry of this island province. In late 2019, the Corn Program in partnership with the LGU of Cawayan, farmer groups and San Miguel Corporation,  convened  corn  farmer and trained them on how to grow sorghum., a non-traditional crop in the  locality Aside from providing the  farmers planting materials and technologies,  mechanization was also introduced  such as  the use  of  the multi-seeder single row planter to the farmers  of  the  municipalities of Cawayan and Aroroy.   It was demonstrated to the farmers that mechanization can speed up planting. And other farm activities and addresses the problem of lack of farm workers.  Following the recommended practices and cultural management, the project partners /co-operators were able to grow sorghum successfully.

With the upcoming harvest,, combine harvester will be showcased to determine the efficacy of the machine in reducing farm labor and reducing costs while maintaining quality of the grains produced. Farmers who are planning to grow sorghum need not to worry about their market as San Miguel Corporation has an existing accredited assembler who will serve as consolidator of the produce. Aside from  its  grains which are used  as major animal   feed ingredient   the stalks and other of this crop can be used as  a reliable source of forage (up to 27 MT/ha herbage), or a  fuel (bioethanol) and even  food. In 2019, similar production trials were established    in the province of Camarines Sur with a stellar yield performance of 4.26MT/ha, higher than the 3.59MT/ha regional average yield for yellow (AON/SBB)


Reintroducing Sorghum Production in Masbate. In late 2019, the DA RFO 5 Corn Program led by Mr. Lorenzo L. Alvina, ACC III/Regional Corn Program Coordinator (left picture) conceptualized the re-introduction of sorghum in Masbate this time for feeds purposes. This undertaking is supported by its end-user/buyer, the San Miguel Corporation and LGU Cawayan and Aroroy.

Ready for harvest. A 4-ha and 1-ha sorghum production in the Municipalities of Cawayan and Aroroy, respectively, are now ready for harvest. This is the second production trial conducted for grains sorghum in the province. (Photo credit: Robinson Riveral)