“Ang pag-aalaga ng baboy ay isang magandang pagkakakitaan,bukod sa madali itong alagaan madali din itong pagkakitaan.” (Swine raising is a great source of income, aside from being easy to tend, it’s also an easy way to gain profit).

This is how Eleanor Derilo, president of the Bacon Hog Raising Association (BAHORA), express her insights on swine  raising during the Stakeholders Consultation for Swine in the province of Sorsogon. 

Derilo has been raising swine for almost 30 years. This is where she get most of her family’s’ daily expenses. Although their family owns a small rice field and a few coconut trees, their income is still inadequate. She decided to focus on swine raising for she believes that this will give them a steady source of income. She sells live pigs for P 2,500.00 to P 3,000.00 each, but she plans to have ten sow to make their business more sustainable. 

Sorsogon ranks twelfth in the 2016 share in swine production in the whole South Luzon provinces. The backyard and commercial hog farm have an increasing-decreasing growth trend. According to the Hog Inventory in 2016, Sorsogon had shared 80,396 heads or 98% on backyard farming and only 1, 827 heads or 2% on commercial farming. This endicates that Sorsogon produces a good number of hogs but only a few prefer to do commercial farming.

The Bicol I-PLAN team and the Provincial Project Management and Implementing Unit (PPMIU) of Sorsogon conducted a stakeholders consultation together with the competent representatives from their partner agencies coming from the Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to assist in improving the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan (PCIP) formulated by the PPMIU Sorsogon.

During the discussion of the PCIP, the swine raisers shared their observations and raised questions on different segments on swine raising. Each agency representatives gives their comments and suggestions on how to address these constraints and help them determine the priority interventions to strengthen and enhance their competitiveness and productivity. The agency representatives also expressed their commitments to aid the organized swine raisers prosper in the swine industry.

“Nagpapasalamat po kami sa oportunidad na maitatao samo kan PRDP. Dakulaon ang maitatabang samo sa industriya kan pagbababoyan digdi sa probinsya”. (We are grateful for the opportunity that PRDP can give us, it will contribute greatly to the swine industry in our province). Derilo said.

PCIP is a three-year rolling consensus plan between DA and LGU based on the value chain analyses (VCA) of these commodities conducted with strong participation of the various stakeholders. (Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO 5 InfoACE Unit)

Eleanor Derilo, President of the Bacon Hog Raising Association (BAHORA) enthusiastically shared her inputs and experiences on swine swine raising for 30 years. (Photo by:Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO 5 InfoACE Unit)

Sorsogon PPMIU head encourages the stakeholders to support the implementation of the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan (PCIP) for Swine to help the swine raisers grow their livelihood.(Photo by:Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO 5 InfoACE Unit)

Mr. Jesus Ravanilla, presented the Swine situationer in the Province of Sorsogon as well as the PCIP to the  participants of the Swine Stakeholders Consultation. (Photo by:Michelle Angela G. Alfigura, DA-PRDP RPCO 5 InfoACE Unit)